"Angus is a consummate professional: he combines a calm and non-nonsense attitude with creativity in responding to the client's individual needs, and sensitivity to even the smallest cues from the client about what is effective. He has a real gift for gentle but forceful touch." Monique, professor

"I liked Everything.  Totally professional and unlike any previous massages I have had--much more thorough, totally relaxing.  You have a wonderful touch.  Just keep on doing what you are doing.  I am amazed by your skills.  Thank you!"  Anne, retired

"Angus kept my goals of two focus areas as a priority and maintained a smooth, consistent "path" through the massage.  His ability to keep me covered and comfortable was excellent!  Being greeted and cared for from the beginning set the tone for the whole experience, which was peaceful and calm.  I'm so grateful that he will let me come back again!"  Gretchen, teacher

"A massage with Angus:  an hour of selfish pleasure without the guilt....a trip to where ever I need to go, no plane ticket required.  Very healing.  Very healthful.  My body thanks me every time.  The appointment I never forget.  The appointment I schedule around." Alison, teacher

"I always considered massage a luxury in which one indulged only on special occasions.  However, his amazing skill at diagnosing and easing my chronic upper back pain has made massage therapy with Angus Vail a part of my routine .  I sleep better, feel more energized at work, and really don't know what I'd do without him!" Karen, professor

"I have always sought women MTs. From the first time I went to Angus, I loved his innate professionalism, respect and ease.  He also gives THE BEST massages I have had in 20 plus years of seeing MTs!" Gillian, gardener


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