Services and Rates

Massage is one aspect of a well-rounded approach to integrated wellness of body, mind and spirit.  Investment in body work at The Celestial Dance, LLC is an investment in your well-being.  Here are the services I offer, and their costs.  Charges are not negotiable, but tips are welcome.  I accept cash and/or checks only.

Mindful Massage is intentionally quite deliberately paced.  Its defining characteristics are deep, focused attention to the client's body's therapeutic needs.  In order to work this way, I work at a slower pace than most.  Most first time clients report that they have never experienced massage quite like this.  They also find this style of work therapeutically rewarding.  My work supports a saying a wise colleague once passed on:  "There is no such thing as too deep, only too fast and too sharp."  Working at this pace allows me to work quite deeply without causing the client pain.

Come in and find out for yourself!

Standard, 60 Minute Mindful Massage ($60):

The standard massage at The Celestial Dance is either posterior (back of the body, neck to feet), or superior (upper body, neck to the waist, concluding with focus on neck, face and scalp).  Which is right for you depends on your therapeutic goals, what hurts or is tense, and why.  We will discuss this at the beginning of your appointment.  My primary concern is that the massage leaves you feeling well-cared for, so I will tailor the session to your needs.

Expanded, 90 Minute Mindful Massage ($75):

The expanded, 90 minute massage combines the posterior and superior massages for a full-body, therapeutic, non-sexual massage.

Standard, 70 Minute Reiki Treatment ($60):

I practice Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.  Reiki treatments are done in a kata (i.e., "form") involving five minutes of treatment at a series of stations, beginning on the face and ending on the sacrum.  Reiki involves a laying on of hands, but there is no movement or manipulation of the client's body.  Reiki is profoundly relaxing and clients tend to report a greater sense of balance after receiving treatment.

Instruction in Mindfulness Meditation (negotiable):

I am also a meditation instructor, having practiced meditation for over a decade.  I have also taught Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for several years.  Meditation instruction is actually most effective in a class setting, but I am glad to offer individual instruction for those who are interested.  Give me a call and we'll arrange a consultation.


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