Benefits of Massage

The more we learn about the human body, the clearer it becomes that disease and stress are intimately related to one another, and nothing accelerates the process of aging quite like high stress.  Massage is an exceptionally effective tool in managing stress which:  decreases anxiety, improves sleep, boosts energy, improves concentration, assists circulation and reduces fatigue.

Massage is also well-suited to treating a host of specific musculoskeletal problems including: limited range of motion; strained or fatigued muscles; limited flexibility; and adhesions from scar tissue.  Massage also assists circulation of venus blood and lymph, assisting the immune system and aiding in the treatment of migraines, edema, and other complications from inflammation.

Massage also increases the sense of well-being, decreasing the effects of anxiety and depression, lessening the need for medication, and improving the general state of mind.  

In short, massage is good for you in more ways than one might think.  But why question it?  Book an appointment today!


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